A Review on Jessica Sitomer – The Greenlight Coach

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Introduction The other day I was able to go to my very first special guest workshop at The Actors Network.  The headlined guest was a woman named Jessica Sitomer.  She is known as the ‘Greenlight Coach’ for people in all facets of the entertainment industry.  She has branded herself as someone helping you build your ideal career with a set of tools and action plans tailored to your specific niche.  For 7 years she served as the in house coach for the International Cinematographers Guild and has created over 40 seminar topics and has coached over 30 mastermind groups. She speaks professionally as an expert consultant to entertainment organizations and is a regular on BuZZ radio and Branding Yourself with a Web Series or Video Blog This...

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The Metaphysical Actor Part Two – The Tao of Acting

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THE METAPHYSICAL ACTOR Continued From Part One When the Control Comes In Basically we are looking for a way to keep our mental control out of the way once a truthful performance begins to gather momentum.  As Stanislavski said, “when the subconscious, when intuition enters into our work we must know how not to interfere.” Our next set of questions are – why would an interference take place? What is the nature of the interference?   I believe that most actors wish to fulfill the demands set forth to them by the writer and the story.  The primary demand is that we play truthfully within the given circumstances.  Now when those circumstances are Hamlet’s first glimpse of his father’s ghost or Henry V rousing his troops into battle the actor must meet the...

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The Metaphysical Actor Part One – Have Actors Lost Their Spiritual Ground?

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THE METAPHYSICAL ACTOR Stanislavski and Consciousness Stanislavski, the great Russian theater genius, called what he did ‘Spiritual Realism.’ He wanted the actor to be carried away by the play, so that, regardless of his will he lives the part. Regardless of his will. What we are going for is entering the subconscious experience of ‘living the part.’ This opens the truth of our intuition in our moment to moment experience of ‘being’ the character. Stanislavski neglected to define his terms when speaking about states of consciousness with regards to the actor or with regards to artistry itself. Define Your Terms Before any further discussion, I must attempt to define my terms. Let us now clarify the unconscious, subconscious,...

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