A Review on Jessica Sitomer – The Greenlight Coach

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Introduction The other day I was able to go to my very first special guest workshop at The Actors Network.  The headlined guest was a woman named Jessica Sitomer.  She is known as the ‘Greenlight Coach’ for people in all facets of the entertainment industry.  She has branded herself as someone helping you build your ideal career with a set of tools and action plans tailored to your specific niche.  For 7 years she served as the in house coach for the International Cinematographers Guild and has created over 40 seminar topics and has coached over 30 mastermind groups. She speaks professionally as an expert consultant to entertainment organizations and is a regular on BuZZ radio and Branding Yourself with a Web Series or Video Blog This...

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35 Do’s & Don’ts to Mastering the Interview for Job Seekers

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Subtitled: How I Almost Got the Job I know most of you here are most likely more interested in learning about entrepreneurship and the tools that assist us in learning how to free up our time and money.  But I wanted to impart to you some of what I recently learned and how I was 1 of 20 people called back for a second interview out of 150 plus applicants at a four star restaurant in Hollywood called Asia de Cuba.  Although I was told it could take a month for the hiring process to be finalized, I am losing hope that I will be making $300 a night any time soon, while I build my business in the “off” time.  Basically, this is a review of the tactics that almost got me the job. I recently attended the Entrepreneurial Speaker Series through the...

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My Blog is Now Carbon Neutral

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  Today I wanted to just drop a short note to my readers about making your blog carbon neutral.  Many of us have heard this term kicked around a lot over the past few years,  made popular by Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’  If you are wondering what it means to go ‘Carbon Neutral’ then let me explain. What is Carbon Neutrality? Carbon neutrality is a term used to describe the process of a person or a business entity purchasing carbon credits in order to offset their own CO2 emissions into the atmosphere through transportation, energy production, and industrial processes. Although we eventually want the entire world to adopt this framework, we as individuals can have more of an impact than we initially may believe. The Logic...

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What is Your DreamLine Charlie Sheen?

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What Are Dreamlines? Dreamlines was a term first coined by Timothy Ferriss in his book ‘The 4-Hour Workweek.’ If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and haven’t read his book then I highly suggest doing so right away. It is full of valuable content and specifics that would help anyone looking to ‘Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich.’ In the beginning of his book Ferriss asks you to consider the question, ‘What would you do, day to day, if you had a million dollars in the bank?’ Great question right?  The dreamline is basically a chart designed to calculate how approachable and within reach your ideal lifestyle is, in terms of money and time. This question is so important to consider and requires you to...

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About.Me Review – Reserve Your URL Name Before It’s Too Late!

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About.Me Review About.Me is the latest marketing concept from the San Francisco based company who have designed a way for users and members to create their own “Splash Page.”  The company has created a free, super high quality, one page site that contains built in social networking links to your personal web presence throughout all of your accounts.  A.J. Meijer of “Inside Acting Podcast” has referred to it as a ‘Digital Postcard’, a description I really like.  Basically, this is a dynamic profile landing page that points users to your content around the web.   The group of developers wanted to create an easy way to organize and centrally locate all of one’s social profile pages that are scattered around the internet from...

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