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Amega EGA-The Best Massage Oils/All Natural Skin Care Products

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The Big 5 Amega EGA Oils Introduction Use of these 5 Zero Point Energized best EGA massage oils and all natural skin care products by Amega Global, will definitely stir a few ‘Happy Endings.’  These are not just your ordinary slew of massage oils and skin care products, these are infused with zero point energy using Amega Global’s AMized Fusion Technology. These are a line of all natural skin care products that are the first of their kind. Nowhere else can you find oils infused with zero point energy.  These products are causing people to claim that the use of these all natural massage oils are creating a new energetic wave in the evolution of skin care and dermal therapy. Masseuses and masseurs are finding that the use of these therapy oils are...

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Amega Global’s AM Water Actify – Red Bull of Water Ionizers

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AM WATER ACTIFY IONIZER INTRODUCTION A micro-clustered (6x smaller in molecules), zero point energized, ionized, anti-oxidant, alkaline hydrating technological WUNDERKIND! Why is the AM Water Actify the ‘Red Bull’ of water ionizers?  As opposed to any other water ionizer on the market this one uses Amized Fusion Technology and Zero Point Energy to activate the H2O. THE IMPORTANCE OF WATER Everyone knows that water is an essential part of a healthy life.Next to the air we breathe water is the most essential component to life.  Water makes up 2/3 of the weight of the human body.  The brain is 75% water, the blood is 83% water, bones are 22% water, muscles are 75% water and the lungs are 90% water.  Water does more than sustain life.  Water is essential...

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Amega Zero Point Wand Saves Robert from Taking Next Vicodin

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After a brief conversation highlighting the origin and benefits of Amega Global’s Zero Point Energy Wand, and a few minutes rotating energy into his damaged knee, Robert sat in a quiet state of bliss, forever CHANGED by the experience of having been sheathed in a field of zero point energy, and according to him was enough to prevent him from having to take his next Vicodin. Two days prior to this I had been sitting in my apartment and wondering how I could be of service to my community, especially with such a powerful energy tool in my possession.  I decided that I could devote one afternoon per week and visit certain public places to walk around with a friend, a camera, and my trusted amega zero point energy wand.  I would call this my ‘Merry...

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The Amega Global Vita Flask – Lance Armstrong’s Missing Link

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The only possible thing missing from Lance Armstrong’s Madone SL frame, and the one thing that could have brought the 7 time Tour de France champion a few more crowns, may have actually been an ENERGIZED water bottle. Where could he have found one?

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The Revolutionary Amega Global MAT – My Zero Point Energy ‘Sandman’ Delivers

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It isn’t 1954. And none of ‘The Chordettes’ are still alive. But the Sandman is soon to resurface, and is about to bring a zero point energy dream in the shape of a 3 by 6 foot Amega mat.

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